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20 November 2008 - HSI tells Government to prepare court papers for whales      

HSI tells Government to prepare court papers for whales

20 November 2008                                                          

Humane Society International (HSI) is warning the Australian Government not to ease the pressure on the Japanese whaling industry this summer.

Japanese whalers have already killed 211 whales in the North West Pacific this year, another fleet is on its way to Antarctica to slaughter nearly a thousand whales and the Japanese Government decided this week to import yet more whale meat from Iceland and Norway.

“It is clear Australia’s strenuous diplomatic efforts have not impacted Japan’s pro-hunting whale policy and more needs to be done, said HSI Senior Program Manager, Nicola Beynon.

HSI says it is time the Australian Government launched a case against the Japanese Government in the international courts.

HSI has taken its own case against the Japanese whalers as far as it can, securing a ruling from the Australian Federal Court in January that the hunt in Australia’s Whale Sanctuary in Antarctica is illegal and an order that it be stopped. “It remains the Australian Government’s responsibility to enforce that ruling,” said Ms Beynon.

However, if the Australian Government is not willing to enforcing the ruling from the HSI case, then they should commence their own proceedings in an international court to seek a ruling that Japan cannot ignore and will have to comply with.

Last summer the Government did not fulfil pre-election commitments to enforce the ruling from the HSI court case and limited the boat they sent to Antarctica to surveillance of the whale hunt. Graphic images of a whale calf killed in the hunt were released to the media which caused the Japanese Government severe embarrassment. “At the very least another ship should be sent to monitor the hunt again this year, to continue exposing the cruel realities of the whale hunt and maintain the pressure,” said Ms Beynon.

HSI welcomes the $6 million the Australian Government is committing to whale conservation and important non-lethal research announced this week. Unfortunately, setting a good example to Japan is unlikely to deter them from their own phoney scientific research. “They know their scientific whaling is a sham and they know we know it’s a sham. Its time the Australian Government enlisted the power of an international court to rule against the sham continuing so that thousands of whales can be saved.”

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