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3 December 2009 - Expert commentary available on forest deal in Copenhagen       

Expert commentary available on forest deal in Copenhagen

3 December 2009                                                            

With Copenhagen soon to get underway, call Humane Society International for expert comment on the negotiations for a deal on forest protection as part of the climate agreement.

HSI campaigners are experts on the pros and cons of the deal that is expected to be reached on forests having attended all the negotiating sessions leading up to the Copenhagen climate conference next week. HSI’s Alistair Graham will be in Copenhagen and available for expert commentary as the negotiations roll out. We will be working with the Ecosystems Climate Alliance an international coalition of NGO experts on forest policy. 

Deforestation and forest degradation is a major contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions so the UN has been negotiating a mechanism to provide financial incentives to countries that reduce their emissions from the forest sector but the design of the mechanism is all important.

“The latest text from the REDD negotiators is teetered on a knife edge between being a major boon for forest conservation or a big disaster”, said Alistair Graham from HSI. “Some serious editing is still required in Copenhagen before a final forest deal is sealed”.

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