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8 September 2009 - Humane Society International presents Extinction Denied at The ArtHouse Hotel       

Humane Society International presents EXTINCTION DENIED at The ArtHouse Hotel

8 September 2009

Humane Society International is holding it’s Exhibition Denied Exhibition at The ArtHouse Hotel in Sydney to raise funds for their animal protection and endangered species projects.

An impressive line up of 30 Australian artists are donating artworks for sale, including many Archibald, Wynn, Dobell and Sulman winners and finalists such as Adam Cullen, Euan McLeod and Abbey McCullochMcLeod, Stuart Rex, Gav Barbey, Simon Collins, Xavier Ghazi, Bettina McMahon and Josh Laws.

Kartick Satranayan, from the Indian conservation group Wildlife SOS and rescuer of India’s dancing bears will open the exhibition on Monday 14th September at 6pm

All funds raised at the exhibition will go towards our International projects Humane Society International has supported over 100 projects and provided cash and leveraged funds worth over $2 million.  Some highlights of our past international funding include:


HSI has been at the forefront of international negotiations for a new global shark protection treaty.  We have also secured greater protection for a number of critical habitats for the Grey Nurse Shark, and worked at the United Nations to see strong resolutions in relation to shark fishing and finning.


HSI is pleased to be able to support several projects to protect orangutans in both Sumatra and Borneo.  We financially support the work of the Australian Orangutan Foundation to protect vital orang-utan habitat.  Protection is based around the use of highly effective Wildlife Protection Units.  For the past decade we have also supported the work of Friends of the National Park Foundation with their sanctuary in Borneo and their replanting projects in orang-utan habitat.


Carbon emissions from deforestation and biodiversity degradation are responsible for an estimated 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions.  HSI is at the front line of the international campaign to ensure forest loss is included in the climate change treaty being finally negotiated in December 2009.


HSI is supporting the SanWild Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa with the confiscation and rehabilitation of a range of distressed animals from a variety of horrific backgrounds.  Home to lions and cheetahs rescued from canned hunting, vervet monkeys and painted dogs confiscated because of horrific neglect, hippos that had been driven around Europe in small tanks for years, and a range of animals slated for destruction, SanWild offers them a safe haven for life.


Through our support of Wildlife SOS we have been able to help change the life of elephants, bears and leopards in India, create a vital wildlife hotline, establish anti poaching units and assist with disaster relief.  Wildlife SOS is at the forefront of conservation and animal protection in India and we are so pleased the funding we provide makes such a difference to the lives of so many animals.

For a full list of artists involved or to view the art please check the web site: www.hsi.org.au/art

High resolution images can be forwarded to you on request.


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