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6 August 2009 - NSW must hold firm against shooters after zoo sale of endangered species to hunter       

NSW must hold firm against shooters after zoo sale of endangered species to hunter

6 August 2009                      

HSI today expressed its concern that two dozen endangered blackbuck antelope have been sold to a member of the Shooters Party. This is particularly concerning in light of The Game and Feral Animal Control Amendment Bill which is currently before the NSW Parliament, which is seeking to establish game reserves.

These private game reserves are essentially “canned hunting” facilities where animals are enclosed within designated areas, with no means of escape, and where they can be easily trapped and killed. They are cruel and unnecessary and a pitiful way for “hunters” to make an easy kill. As such, the establishment of these game reserves in NSW should remain illegal.

HSI welcomes Carmel Tebbutt’s statement to the ABC this morning that the NSW Government has no intention of allowing game reserves and continues to oppose the Bill before parliament. HSI looks forward to confirmation from the Minister that this is a non-negotiable position, as the horrors in this Bill cannot be ameliorated through amendment.

 “It is imperative that the NSW Government does not cave into a compromise deal with the Shooters’ Party and pass any Bill that opens up new opportunities for hunting and animal cruelty,” said Alexia Wellbelove of Humane Society International. “The Bill, in its entirety, must be opposed.”

HSI is opposed to hunting in National Parks, the establishment of private game parks, the hunting of native animals and birds, and the release or relocation of introduced birds, and other measures outlined in the Bill.

HSI is also extremely concerned that Taronga Western Plains Zoo chose to sell an endangered species to a breeder with obvious ambitions to establish a private hunt.

Alexia Wellbelove asked “Even if there were conditions regarding captive breeding does the breeder intend to shoot the young of these endangered antelope?”

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