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16 January 2009 - Indonesia refuses port entry to whaling vessel      

Indonesia refuses port entry to whaling vessel

16 January 2009        

Humane Society International (HSI) commends Indonesian authorities for refusing to allow a Japanese whaling vessel to be repaired at the Indonesian port of Surabaya. The whaling ship, the Yushin Maru II, had travelled all the way from Japan's hunting grounds in Antarctica for repairs because it feared arrest if it docked in an Australian or New Zealand port. The vessel has been killing whales in the Australian Whale Sanctuary in Antarctica this summer in breach of an Australian Federal Court order HSI secured last year and could be arrested for contempt of court. Australian law also prohibits port access to Japanese whale vessels unless it is for a medical emergency.

At the request of Jakarta Animal Aid Network, Humane Society International wrote to the Indonesian authorities to explain the Australian Federal Court ruling and to urge that they refuse port entry to the whale ship.

We learned today that the Indonesian authorities have ordered the Yushin Maru II to leave Surabaya without being repaired. The orders came from the Indonesian Forestry Authorities, the CITES Authorities and local government officials.

“HSI strongly commends the Indonesian authorities for refusing to assist a ship engaged in whaling in breach of Australian law and in defiance of the international moratorium on commercial whaling,” said Nicola Beynon, HSI Senior Program Manager. “HSI congratulates Jakarta Animal Aid Network for their excellent work to bring the unlawful activities of the vessel to the attention of the Indonesian authorities and for delivering a major blow to the Japanese whalers.”


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