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22 October 2010 - HSI contact at Convention for Biological Diversity meeting      

HSI contact at Convention for Biological Diversity meeting

22 October 2010                                            

With the meeting of the Convention for Biological Diversity (CBD) now underway in Nagoya, Japan, Humane Society International is available for expert comment.

HSI is attending the Convention on Biological Diversity conference to ensure better cooperation at international and national levels on climate and biodiversity issues. HSI recognises the strong relationship of biodiversity and ecosystem productivity with carbon storage. HSI will be working to ensure that that biodiversity can garner as much attention over the next ten years as the carbon agenda has recently achieved. Only in this way can Australia and the world ensure that new targets to halt biodiversity loss, currently under discussion in Japan, can be achieved.

HSI is represented at the CBD by Peg Putt, who has attended all the recent international climate change negotiations. HSI is also working with the Ecosystems Climate Alliance an international coalition of NGO experts on forest policy at this meeting.

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