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19 August 2010 - HSI welcomes Coalitions Dugong and Turtle Protection Plan      

HSI welcomes Coalitions Dugong and Turtle Protection Plan

19 August 2010                        

Humane Society International (HSI) welcomes the Coalition’s Dugong and Turtle Protection Plan, announced last week. Under the plan dugong and turtle populations of Far North Queensland and the Torres Strait Islands will be protected from poaching, illegal hunting and marine debris.

“HSI welcomes the Coalition’s plans to provide further protection for our marine species”, said HSI’s Alexia Wellbelove. “It is vital that this plan also includes the protection of critical habitat areas for dugong and turtle populations.

HSI has an active interest in the protection of dugongs and turtles, acting as a member of the team responsible for developing the Recovery Plan for Turtles in Australia. In addition, HSI has maintained an ongoing interest in the identification of harmful marine debris as a key threatening process to marine species, and was involved in the development of the threat abatement plan to address this threat.

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