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HSI Media and Press Archive 2010       



media releases - 2010 archives

If further information on any of the issues in HSI's Media Releases is required please contact our office on (02) 9973 1728 or email admin@hsi.org.au.

Shark conservation act wins final congressional approval

December 22, 2010. Click here.

Group seeks us trade sanctions against iceland in response to escalating whaling activities

December 22, 2010. Click here. 

What are you eating this christmas? The consumer guide to animal welfare labelling is now available online

December 21, 2010. Click here.

smithfields turn their backs on sow stall promise

December 17, 2010. Click here.

whalers set to defy australian court order

December 17, 2010. Click here.

Unsustainable shark fishery targets fins for exports

December 16, 2010. Click here.

Global conservation groups support kimberley protection from gas hub in australia

December 15, 2010 Click here.

Cancun makes progress in tackling climate change and saving forests

December 14, 2010. Click here.

Time to see real action to ban import of illegally logged timber

December 13, 2010. Click here.

Grey nurse shark conservation efforts threatened by shark nets

December 09, 2010. Click here.

Expert commentary available on forest deal at talks in cancun

December 6, 2010. Click here.

Southern blue-fin tuna protected at last

November 24, 2010. Click here.

Flying-fox dispersal challenge in court

November 10, 2010. Click here.

conservation groups welcome nsw government's sinking of marine park ban proposal

October 29 2010 Click here.

Hsi and hsus laud european court decisions rejecting effort to block seal product trade ban

October 29, 2010. Click here.

Hsi welcomes publication of australia's revised biodiversity conservation strategy

27 October 2010 Click here.

Hsi contact at convention for biological diversity meeting

October 22, 2010. Click here.

hsi project partners rescue animals at commonwealth games

October 11, 2010. Click here.

Redd alert for forests and climate

October 8, 2010. Click here.

Australia's 'supermum' may yet die at sea

October 4, 2010. Click here.

Hsi grant to further knowledge of effects of climate change on marine environments

September 22, 2010. Click here.

Melbourne's baby elephant faces a life alone

September 13, 2010. Click here.

The only sport  that factors in death rates

September 6, 2010. Click here.

Dalia lama speaks out against cage confinement of egg-laying hens

September 2, 2010. Click here.

Hsus_hsi announce proven new method to control the rate of reproduction in african elephants

September 2, 2010. Click here.

Concern over intensive egg production in australia

August 25, 2010. Click here.

Greens standing up for animal welfare

August 20, 2010. Click here.

U.s. Egg epidemic reinforces link between intensive farming and risks to human health

August 20, 2010. Click here.

Coalition commits $15 million to western sydney conservation

August 20, 2010. Click here. 

Humane society international / canada statement on temporary suspension of e.u. Seal product trade ban

August 20, 2010. Click here. 

Hsi welcomes coalition's dugong and turtle protection plan

August 19, 2010. Click here. 

Carbon farming initiative

August 16, 2010. Click here. 

Wolves back under u.s. Federal protection

August 9, 2010. Click here.

Developed countries continue to avoid emissions reductions at u.n. Climate change negotiations

August 9, 2010. Click here.

Private land conservation grants announced

August 5, 2010. Click here.

Hsi calls for establishment of an asia-pacific conservation program

July 30, 2010. Click here.

Coalition in reverse on marine bio-regional planning

July 28, 2010. Click here.

Decision to disperse botanic gardens bats challenged in the federal court

July 27, 2010. Click here.

Australian and indonesian groups call for illegal timber ban

July 21, 2010. Click here.

Environment protection minister puts biodiversity first, rejects mining extension proposal on christmas island

July 19, 2010. Click here.

Critical marine habitats remain unprotected in australian waters: report

July 15, 2010. Click here

Environment groups unite to oppose proposal for a five-year moratorium on new marine parks in nsw

July 14, 2010.  Click here.

Statement by humane society international as iwc closes

June 28, 2010. Click here.

Relief return to commercial whaling rejected

June 24, 2010. Click here.

Shark protection dealt a blow

June 23, 2010. Click here.

Botanic gardens flying-foxes safe. For now

June 22, 2010. Click here.

Humane society international calls for protections as whaling commission meeting starts

June 21, 2010. Click here.

Japan sets sail to kill whales right before international whaling commission meeting

June 10, 2010. Click here.

Official whaling stats expose the danger of lifting commercial whaling ban

June 9, 2010. Click here.

Developed countries seeking loopholes to avoid emissions cuts at un climate talks

June 9, 2010. Click here.

Fisheries bycatch killing our wildlife

June 7, 2010. Click here.

Campaingers call for change on un forest definitions to protect the climate

June 1, 2010. Click here.

Fraudlent emissions accounting would undermine progress on climate

May 28, 2010. Click here.

Australia to seek justice for whales

May 28, 2010. Click here.

Groups unite to applaud red gum national parks

May 20, 2010. Click here.

Bat eviction to go ahead in sydney

May 14, 2010. Click here.

Budget leaves Biodiversity Bereft

May 12 2010 Click here.

Australian fishery threatens extinction for sea lions

April 22, 2010. Click here.

David jones happy to deceive customers

April 19, 2010. Click here.

Cites conference wraps up in doha

March 25, 2010. Click here.

Glimmer of hope for marine species

March 23, 2010. Click here.

Concerns over eviction of flying foxes from sydney botanic gardens

March 23, 2010. Click here.

International wildlife trade meeting gets underway in qatar

March 11, 2010. Click here.

Hsi statement on death of taronga zoo elephant calf

March 8, 2010. Click here.

Shark protection dealt a blow

February 25, 2010. Click here.

Hsi welcomes prime minister rudd's commitment to international whale case

February 19, 2010. Click here.

Conservation groups call on australian government not to compromise over whales

February 19, 2010. Click here.

Landmark agreement to conserve migratory sharks comes into force

February 15, 2010.  Click here

Australian efforts to ensure progress on international shark conservation

February 12, 2010.  Click here.

Sharks need help from australia at international meeting

February 5, 2010. Click here.

Garrett's gutless approach to shark protection

January 25, 2010. Click here.

Whaling publicist put on notice over breach of australian law

January 13, 2010. Click here.

Hsi warns of pending legal action over japanese whaler spy flights

January 6, 2010.  Click here



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