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HSI Media and Press Archive 2006      


MEDIA releases - 2006 ARCHIVES

If further information on any of the issues in HSI's Media Releases is required please contact our office on (02) 9973 1728 or email admin@hsi.org.au.

Heritage status for Australia's pristine natural wonders

December 21, 2006. Click here.

Test of integrity for government

December 8, 2006. Click here.

Senate debates destruction of Australia's environmental law

December 6, 2006. Click here.

Endangered shark hunted as ban overturned

December 4, 2006. Click here.

HSI supports Asia pacific biodiversity hotspots conservation

December 1, 2006. Click here.

Dingo considered for heritage listing - but commonwealth May duck responsibility

November 30, 2006. Click here.

Co2 emitting fires in se Asia ignored at UN climate talks

November 14, 2006. Click here.

First ever commercial marine fish protected under environment laws

November 10, 2006. Click here.

Government set to knee-cap environment protection laws

November 2, 2006. Click here.

Public vigilance needed for elephant's sake

October 31, 2006. Click here.

Australia now leads endangered tuna exploitation

October 31, 2006. Click here.

Extinction nears as government inactivity threatens commercial fish

October 26, 2006. Click here.

HSI calls for sanctions against Iceland for defying global community and resuming commercial whale hunts

October 20, 2006. Click here.

HSI welcomes Anthony Albanese response to damaging environment bill

October 20, 2006. Click here.

Iceland resumes commercial whaling while whale meat exposed as toxic to humans

October 18, 2006. Click here.

Amendments to Australia's environment laws weaken and politicise threatened species protection

October 18, 2006. Click here.

Campbell takes public right to protect wildlife from exploitation back to the 1970s

October 13, 2006. Click here.

Conservationists in crisis talks over shark in peril

October 5, 2006. Click here.

Heritage protection for Australia's last wild rivers

September 27, 2006. Click here.

Australia urged to follow Kenyan lead and not send animals to deadly Thai zoo

September 25, 2006. Click here.

Pm called on to save thousands of albatross

September 22, 2006. Click here.

Heritage protection given to Tasmania's deep sea mountain ranges

September 20, 2006. Click here.

U.S. Administration called on in fight to save Antarctic wildlife from Spanish poachers

September 12, 2006. Click here.

Conservationists call for firearm ban on fishing boats after seal shootings

September 1, 2006. Click here.

NSW to protect popular dining fish from 'very high risk of extinction'

August 14, 2006. Click here.

Japanese tuna scandal is stark warning for whales and should cause rethink on tuna protection

August 14, 2006. Click here.

New 'humane choice' label aimed at improving the lives of farm animals and building consumer confidence

August 9, 2006. Click here.

New evidence reveals atrocities of 2005/6 Antarctic whale hunt

July 24,  2006. Click here.

Federal court to issue judgement in HSI case against Japanese whalers

July 14,  2006. Click here.

Federal court gives HSI the go ahead to sue Japanese whalers

July 14, 2006. Click here.

Elephants deserve sanctuary in Thailand

July 7, 2006. Click here.

Humane society international sums up the 58th iwc meeting

June 21, 2006. Click here.

Vote on 'St Kitts' declaration inflames international whaling commission

June 18, 2006. Click here.

HSI heads to international whaling commission

June 9, 2006. Click here.

Government has a laugh at southern bluefin tuna's expense

June 8, 2006. Click here.

Orange roughy to finally get the protection it deserves

May 19, 2006. Click here.

Name a bear and give it a new life free from suffering

May 17, 2006. Click here.

Australians asked to dig deep for fifteen bears rescued from extreme cruelty in india

May 3, 2006. Click here.

Champions of India's spectacular but declining wildlife to visit Australia

April 28, 2006. Click here.

Judgement in southern bluefin tuna case today

April 3, 2006. Click here.

HSI calls for specialist environment court after tribunal abandons endangered southern bluefin tuna to extinction

April 3, 2006. Click here.

Minister delays protection for orange roughy for third time

April 3, 2006. Click here.

Judgement in southern bluefin tuna case on Monday

March 31 2006 click here

Deadly shark nets claim dolphin at whale beach

March 30, 2006. Click here.

HSI is calling on the NSW environment minister to prosecute pm brother for illegal clearing

March 27, 2006. Click here.

Delays and loopholes mean pm brother not facing prosecution for illegal clearing by Howard government

March 27, 2006. Click here.

Canada's cruel seal hunt begins, HSI hopes it will be the last

March 27, 2006. Click here.

HSI asks minister not to send Australia animals to deadly Thai theme park

March 24, 2006. Click here.

Expert advises environment key to regional security

March 6, 2006. Click here.

Heather and Paul Mccartney visit seal nursery just days before brutal slaughter begins

February 28, 2006. Click here.

Barrow Island considered for National Heritage listing

February 23, 2006. Click here.

Humane Society International asks U.S. Government to sanction Japan for "scientific" whaling program

February 23, 2006. Click here.

Famed conservation biologist, professor Norman Myers, to tour Australia

February 20, 2006. Click here.

Harpooners cause cruel whale deaths

January 13, 2006. Click here.

Safety measures are needed to protect swimmers and sharks

January 10, 2006. Click here.



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