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HSI Media and Press Archive 2013      


If further information on any of the issues in HSI's Media Releases is required please contact our office on (02) 9973 1728 or email admin@hsi.org.au.

The News Is Not Good: There Will Be No Presents For The Environment This Christmas

20th December 2013  click here

Antarctic Whale Killing Set To Resume These Holidays

19th December 2013  click here

Statement: Hsi Condemns Charters Towers Flying Fox Dispersal

17th December 2013  click here

‘One-Stop Shop’ Will Weaken Environmental Protection

16th December 2013  download PDF

Hsi Urges Commonwealth To Step In On Wa Shark Policy

16th December 2013  click here

Hsi Condemns Wa Shark Policy

11th December 2013  click here

Hsi Celebrates Major Victory As Accc Sends Egg Producers To Court Over Misleading 'Free Range' Egg Claims

11th December 2013  click here

Commonwealth Government Turns Its Back On Expert Scientific Advice And Sets Shocking Precedent For National Environment Protection

11th December 2013  click here

Latin American And Caribbean Nations Work Together To Promote Sustainable Global Trade Of Sharks

6th December 2013 download PDF  (137 Kb)

Highest Health Advisory Body To Recommend Import Ban On Animal Tested Cosmetics In India

4th December 2013 click here

Egg Shortage Offers Consumers Opportunity To Switch To True Free Range Eggs

4th December 2013 click here

Research, Not Culling, Will Help Prevent Shark Incidents

26th November 2013 click here 

Hsi Urges Removal Of Shark Nets After Another Whale Is Caught In Queensland's Shark Nets

29 October 2013 click here

True Free Range Egg Farmers Demand Joyce Retract Bird Flu Furphy

28th October 2013 click here

Hsi Expresses Alarm At Whale Caught In Shark Nets Off Mona Vale Sydney

22nd October 2013 click here

Southern Bluefin Tuna Talks Fail The Albatross

17th October 2013 click here

Don't Forget The Albatross!

14th October 2013  click here

Wa Shark Kill Must Be Called Off

9th October 2013  click here

Time To Remove Shark Nets To Protect Our Marine Wildlife

2nd October 2013  click here

Leona Lewis & Owain Yeoman Photo Campaign Says Bunnies Are For Hugging, Not Hurting In Cosmetics Tests

27th September 2013  click here

Protecting Our Threatened Wildlife Isn't Just Green Tape

26th September 2013 click here

South Australians Desperate To Crack 'Free Range' Egg Legislation

24th September 2013 click here

Australians Help Give Lemurs Their Last Chance

12th September 2013 click here

Egg Corporation Under Full Investigation By The Accc

11th September 2013 click here

Death Of The National Heritage Program

5th September 2013 click here

Hsi Supports Major Political Party Commitments To Tropical Forest Protection In S.E. Asia, But Significant Monies Must Be Allocated To Do The Job Properly

3rd September 2013 click here

Wildlife Lands Issue 12 Released

30th August 2013   download PDF (2.3 MB)

Southeast Asian Governments Take Steps To End Dog Meat Trade

29th August 2013 click here

Campaign Launched To Reduce Demand For Rhino Horn

28th August 2013   click here

Mandatory Measures Needed To Stop Albatross And Shark Deaths

27th August 2013   click here

"Fins Naturally Attached" Policy Adopted To Protect Sharks

27th August 2013   click here

Hsi Suggests Prof Tim Flannery As Threatened Species Commissioner And Calls On All Parties To Commit To Funding A Major National Threatened Species Program That Retains Commonwealth Powers

23rd August 2013   click here

Hsi Applauds Epbc Act Listing Of Murray Darling Basin Ecological Communities

22nd August 2013   click here

Handing Over Environmental Approvals To States Threatens Nature And Business

20th August 2013   download PDF (222 kB)

On World Orangutan Day, Hsi Urges Australian Labor Party And Coalition To Fund Orangutan And Tropical Forest Conservation Programs In Indonesia

19th August 2013   click here

South Australian Deputy Premier John Rau Supports Humane Choice Free Range Breakfast Pushing For Truth In Labelling

15th August 2013 click here

Humane Choice Breakfast Cracks True Free Range Eggs For Determined South Australians

14th August 2013   click here

No More Free Range Eggs In Queensland

25th July 2013  click here


24th July 2013 download pdf

Hsi Disappointed At Failure Of Ccamlr Meeting

17th July 2013 click here

Commonwealth Acts To Retain Environmental Powers - But More Can Be Done

17th July 2013 click here

Decision Time For World's Largest Marine Reserve Proposals In Antarctica's Southern Ocean - "Opportunity For Global Leadership And Lasting Legacy"

12th July 2013 click here 

Coalition Risks Disastrous Outcomes For Our Wildlife

8th July 2013 click here

Australia's Case In The International Court Of Justice Continues - Japan's Arguments Begin

3rd July 2013 click here

Be Cruelty-Free Campaign Welcomes Historic Ban On Cosmetics Animal Testing In India

28th June 2013  click here

Coalition Chooses Development Over Environment In New Policy

26th June 2013  click here

Australia Seeks Justice For Whales In International Court Of Justice - Humane Society International Urges Swift Outcome In Unprecedented Case

26th June 2013  click here


25th June 2013  download PDF (248 Kb)

We Have A Legal "Water Trigger" But Our National Environmental Future Looks Grim

19th June 2013 click here

Humane Choice Lauds South Australian Decision On Free Range Eggs

17th June 2013  click here

Nsw Moves To Destroy Environmental Laws, The Commonwealth Must Act!

14th June 2013  click here

On World Environment Day The Government Turns It Back On Animals

5th June 2013  click here

Queensland Clearing Laws Could Kill Over 400 Million Native Animals.  On World Environment Day, The Commonwealth Must Act!

4th June 2013  click here

Animal-Welfare Groups Form International Alliance To End Dog Meat Trade In Key Southeast Asian Countries

29th May 2013 click here

Queensland Clearing Laws Could Kill Over 400 Million Native Animals, The Commonwealth Must Act To Stop The Destruction

24th May 2013 click here

Government Yet To Respond On Westpork Matter

22nd May 2013 click here

Hsi Seeks Benefits For Conservation And Animal Welfare In Queensland Cattle Grazing Debate

16th May 2013 click here

40,000 Postcards On Free Range Eggs Delivered

16th May 2013 click here

Hsi Pushes Prime Minister To Legislate National 'Free Range' Standard

15th May 2013 click here

Hsi Welcomes Water Trigger Bill

14th May 2013 click here

Companies Should Come Clean And Join Forces To End Animal-Tested Cosmetics

14th May 2013  click here

Court Dismisses Sealing Industry Attempt To Overturn Eu Ban On Cruel Seal Products, Hsi Applauds Ruling

26th April 2013  click here

Wildlife Land Trust (Wlt) Welcomes 200th Australian Sanctuary

24th April 2013  click here

Record Fine For Animal Cruelty In Australia

11th April 2013  click here

Southern Ocean Whaling Down, But Still Too High

8th April 2013  click here

Time To Take Handover Of Environmental Powers Off The Table For Good

March 27th 2013 click here

New Water Trigger Historic Win For The Community But Handover Threat Remains

March 22nd 2013  click here

Water Decision Will Be Useless If Environmental Powers Go To States

March 18th 2013  click here

Historic Day At Cites As Species Survive Plenary

March 14th 2013  click here

Horns Of A Dilemma At Cites, And A Rosy Decision On Rosewood

March 13th 2013  click here

Sharks Take Over At Cites

March 12th 2013  click here

Mixed News From Cites As Critical Day For Sharks Begins

March 11th 2013 click here 

As Eu Bans Animal-Tested Cosmetics, Actress Pippa Black Joins Be Cruelty-Free Campaign Call For Australia To End Cosmetics Cruelty

March 11th 2013  download PDF (451.9 Kb)

Reptiles Dominate At Cites

March 11th 2013   click here

Increased Protection For West African Manatee And Introduction From The Sea Proposal Adopted

March 8th 2013   click here

Discussions On Species Proposals Begins At Cites

March 7th 2013   click here

Debate Over Global Shark And Ray Trade Heats Up

March 6th 2013   click here

Coles Intensifies "Free Range" Egg Production, Duping Customers And Cramming Thousands Of Hens Into Sheds

March 4th 2013   click here

Red Herrings On Green Tape

March 1st 2013   download PDF  (105.5 Kb)

International Wildlife Trade Meeting Gets Underway In Bangkok

March 1st 2013   click here

As Europe Bans Sale Of Animal-Tested Cosmetics, Lush And Humane Society International Ceos Call On Australian Beauty Industry To End Cosmetics Cruelty

25th February 2013 download PDF 


21 February 2013 click here

Six Poachers Arrested And Four Endangered Sloth Bears Rescued In Joint Operation By Police, Forest Department And Wildlife Sos On The Indo Nepal Border

20 February 2013 download PDF 

Say No To Shark Fin Products For A Cruelty-Free Chinese New Year

12 February 2013 click here

Whale  Killing To Start Once Again

29th January 2013  click here

Celebrities Join With Hsi To Help Stop The Polar Bear Trade

23rd January 2013  click here

Supermarkets Called To Correct Free Range Egg Deception

23rd January 2013  click here

In Defense Of The Public's Environmental Rights

22nd January 2013 (Daily Telegraph) download PDF (2441.7 Kb)

What Future For Melbourne's Baby Elephant?

16th January 2013 click here

Action Alert - Let Supermarkets Know You Demand Honest Labeling

16th January 2013 click here



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