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Crowd Funding

Kids Cameras Conservation (KCC)

Humane Society International (HSI) and our program partner, Painted Dogs Conservation would like to introduce, Kids Cameras Conservation (KCC) an innovative new programme that teaches children about the impact of conservation photography.  

But they need cameras! Working with local communities is beginning to have a positive effect on the outlook of the Painted Dog species. 

With only 3,000 - 5,000 Painted Dogs remaining in the wild in Africa, they are amongst its most endangered species, but one of the last strongholds is in Zimbabwe. The Painted Dog Conservation Organisation and Humane Society International are committed to their conservation through new and novel approaches, with your help. 

Kids Cameras Conservation (KCC) is one of those ideas and is an innovative new program that teaches children about the impact of conservation photography at a Special Bush Camp. 

Why did we introduce photography as an activity for kids at the Special Bush Camp?

We explained to the children that the animals, the plants, the trees that we want to conserve have no voice. But pictures are a universal language. Not everyone in the world speaks Ndebele or English, but everyone understands the message of a powerful image. The delivery of that message transcends distance, and boundaries, and time. The act of taking the photograph creates an instant connection between the photographer and the subject at a level that no words can match. It's like planting a seed that can then grow with careful nurturing into the tallest tree. We believe that the emotional connection between photographer and subject creates a purpose that can bring about change. 

This program is helping us achieve our aim of connecting the children at an even deeper level with nature and conservation. It's our belief that the more engaged the children are with nature, the brighter the future is for all wildlife and, of course, for the painted dogs. Please help educate and transform the next generation of local communities to value and conserve the wildlife of Africa. 

In order to make this program work we only need 36 cameras, everything else is in place! Each camera costs A$160 for a total of A$5760.

To make a donation please visit our donation page and note Cameras for Kids when asked "Which campaign? "

To read more about the programme, download the PDF 

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