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Fur Trade - The Real Victims of Fashion      

Fur Trade

The Real victims of fashion

dog and cat fur for sale

Humane Society International continues to be committed to highlighting the cruel and inhumane practices of the fur industry. Fur farms kill millions of animals, including cats and dogs, each year and there are no laws to protect them from intolerable cruelty and an inhumane death. Help stop the demand to stop the trade.

HSI is delighted to see that in 2017 Australia's two biggest department stores, Myer and David Jones, have continued to keep fur off their racks, maintaining their promise to support fur free fashion.

Facts about the Fur Trade

  • Around 70 million mink and 4 million foxes were bred and killed on farms for their fur in 2014.
  • Around 10 million cats and dogs were killed last year, up from 2 million in 2004.
  • About 10 million wild animals are caught for fur using cruel and inhumane traps.
  • Import or sale of cat and dog fur banned in Australia in 2004, but still reaches Australian stores.
  • China, the world’s biggest fur exporter, has no animal welfare laws whatsoever.
  • In Asia, domestic cats and dogs are kidnapped to satisfy demand for fur.
  • Brutal and cruel slaughter, animals often skinned alive to preserve pelts.
  • No labelling laws exist in Australia to enforce species of origin to be specified
  • Cat and dog fur often mislabelled as rabbit, with no species specified at all, or even as faux fur.
  • If you buy fur in Australia, it could be made from someone’s beloved pet.
  • Australian retailers selling fur risk breaching the law if it contains cat or dog.
  • Tests showed fur garments bought in 2011 in Australia contained highly toxic levels of carcinogenic chemical, hexavalent chromium.
  • Fur from Asia found in clothing, fur trim, and even children’s toys.

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Shop ethically using our FUR FREE RETAILER LIST here. If you come across a fur free retailer who isn't on our the list but may be interested in being added, please give them a copy of our HSI Fur Free Retailer Pledge (206.5 kB) - ask them to sign and return it to us. 

You can support the campaign yourself by clicking here and signing our Fur Free Supporter Pledge.

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