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Bali Wildlife Rescue Centre      


BWRC SignThree months ago HSI received some shocking news. We learnt that a major wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centre in Indonesia had lost its funding and was about to close its doors.

The Bali Wildlife Rescue Centre is a vital link in the process of returning distressed wildlife back to their natural homes. Our Indonesian wildlife partners who carry out the rescues would have nowhere to take traumatised animals for their assessment, health checks and quarantine requirements that ensures their safe release back to the wild.

The closure of this centre would mean that animals found dying from malnutrition, maltreatment, injuries or diseases would have nowhere to go.

As they were already moving animals out of the centre a nd were preparing to close the doors in November HSI called an emergency meeting with our Indonesian project partners and flew over immediately. We met at the Rescue Centre so we would have an opportunity to assess the facility and meet the staff.

Originally built as part of an Asian network of rescue centres by a large European fund, no expense was spared. Over a million dollars was invested in the Centre and it is state of the art, with enclosures for all types of animals, from small birds and reptiles to larger animals like sun bears, leopards and orangutans. The medical facilities are the best we have ever seen, and the vets and staff are first rate.

The building of a facility like this would have been way beyond our means, but to let it shut would be nothing short of criminal. We saw this as both an opportunity and a need. Our other Indonesian partners convinced us that the whole cycle of confiscation and wild release in Bali would end if this Centre closed.

After assessing the value and the need of the Centre HSI agreed to provide funding to keep the Rescue Centres doors open. A great sense of relief swept through the community and there was an immediate flurry of activity as they began to unpack boxes and make arrangements to pick up distressed animals.

The loss of the Bali Wildlife Rescue Centre would have been too great and we could not turn our back on the need. We have committed to 3 years funding at a cost of $40,000 per annum but we are going to need your continued support to help us keep the Centre open, running and continuing its great work.

In this global economic crisis animals will be the forgotten ones. We could not turn our backs on the stranded wildlife of Indonesia. Please give what you can to help us keep this vital centre operating.

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Here are some examples of how your donation could help:

$10 could pay for a course of antibiotics to treat a life threatening condition.
$130 would cover the costs of releasing an endangered Hawk-Eagle.
$260 would pay the animal feed expenses of the Centre for a whole month.
$400 covers the costs of veterinary care at the Centre for a whole month.
Images: Top right: A confiscated baby orangutan arrives at the Rescue Centre for treatment and care.
Bottom left: A Rhesus monkey. Infants are taken from their mothers at a young age to feed the illegal pet trade.
Often the mother are killed as they will fight to the death to protect their young. Copyright iStockphoto/Jez Gunnell.

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