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HSI Media and Press Archive 2012      


If further information on any of the issues in HSI's Media Releases is required please contact our office on (02) 9973 1728 or email admin@hsi.org.au.


Time T O Listen To The Community And Take Transfer Of Environmental Powers Off The Table

December 7th 2012 click here 

Federal Government Must Drop Plans To Transfer Environmental Powers

December 6th 2012 click here

Shoppers Urged To Celebrate A Cruelty-Free Christmas

December 6th 2012 click here

Business And Pm Meet In Private To Gut Environment Protection

December 6th 2012 click here

10,000 Ask Prime Minister To Dump Controversial Reforms To Environmental Laws

November 28th 2012  click here

World Compassion Day Focuses On Animal Welfare

November 28th 2012  click here

Sir David Attenborough Urges Prime Minister Not To Abandon National Environment Powers

November 23rd 2012  click here

Consumers Flood Accc With Support For True Free Range

November 22nd 2012  click here

Hsi Welcomes World's Largest Network Of Marine Reserves

November 16th 2012  click here

Premier O'farrell Attempts To Shut Down Public Access To Legal Advice

November 8th 2012  click here

Shuffling Paper Won't Save The Environment - Environment Groups Call For Government To Abandon Proposal To Hand Power To States

November 2nd 2012  click here

Accc Supports Hsi Free Range Claims

November 2nd 2012  click here

Aoa: Sad Day For Southern Ocean As Ccamlr Fails To Agree On Antarctic Marine Protected Area Initiatives

November 1st 2012 click here

Hsi Welcomes Antarctic Marine Reserve Proposal

October 30th 2012   click here 

World First - All Australian Department Stores Ban Real Fur

October 19th 2012   click here

Federal Government Backs Calls For Greater Sea Lion Protection

October 18th 2012   click here

Myer Makes Historic Move And Goes Fur Free!

October 12th 2012   click here

Hsi Partners In United Nations' Global Shark Conservation Agreement

October 3rd 2012   click here

Revelation Of Fisheries Deaths Spark Call To Save The World's Most Endangered Sea Lion

September 21st, 2012  click here

Queensland Returns To Cruelty On National Threatened Species Day

September 7th, 2012 click here

Supertrawler "Margiris" Another Reason Why The Minister Must Reconsider Plans For Environmental Reform

September 5th, 2012 click here

Humane Society International Stands Ready To Assist Haitians And Their Animals In The Aftermath Of Tropical Storm Isaac

August 24th 2012   click here 

Minister Burke Protects Tasmanian Kelp Marine Forests, While Prime Minister Condemns Them To Death

August 20th 2012   click here

Protect The Laws That Protect The Places That Australians Love

August 14th 2012  click here

Julia Gillard And Tony Burke Fiddle While Strong National Environment Policy Begins To Burn

August 3rd 2012   click here

Groups' Launch National 'Stop The Super Trawler' Campaign

July 31st 2012  click here

Sa Egg Producers Turn Their Backs On Egg Corporation

July 26th 2012  click here

Great White Sharks And Live Export Vessels

July 24th 2012  click here

Hsi Identifies A Possible Connection Between Shark Attacks And Live Export Vessels

July 18th 2012  click here

Wa Shark Cull Must Be Called Off

July 16th 2012  click here

Commonwealth Starts On Disastrous Road Of Divesting Itself Of National Environmental Responsibility

July 11th 2012  Click here

Consumer Choice Hijacked For Producer Gain?

July 10th 2012  Click here

Sir Paul Mccartney Supports Hsi's "Be Cruelty-Free" Campaign In Australia

July 9th 2012  click here

Hsi Calls For Global Opposition To Korea's Whaling As Iwc 64 Closes

July 9th 2012  click here

South Korea Announces Plans To Go "Scientific Whaling"

July 5th 2012  click here

A Collective Voice For Consumers And Free Range Hens

July 3 2012 click here

Hsi's Opening Statement To The International Whaling Commission (Iwc) Meeting 2012

June 24th 2012 click here

Coffs Harbour City Council Joins Fight Against Egg Corp's Proposal To Change 'Free Range' Definition

June 21st 2012 CLICK HERE 

Humane Society International/Canada Applauds City Of North Vancouver Resolution To Create By-Law Banning Shark Fin Trade

June 21st 2012 CLICK HERE 

Petition With 71,000 Signatures Against Cruel Bull Fiesta Presented To Territorial Delegate In Spain

June 19th 2012 CLICK HERE 

The Humane Society Of The United States And Born Free Usa Praise Hawaii Governor For Signing Bear Bile Prohibition Into Law

June 19th 2012 click here

World Heritage For Antarctica Not The Answer

June 19th 2012  CLICK HERE

Crocodile Safari Hunting Plan Must Be Rejected

June 15th 2012  CLICK HERE 

Hsi Welcomes Marine Reserve Network

June 14th 2012  CLICK HERE

Botanic Garden Bats May Yet Return

June 8th 2012  CLICK HERE

World's Rhino Conservationists Gather In China To Call For An End To Illegal Rhino Horn Trade

June 7th 2012 click here

New Report Documents Yahoo! Profits From Killing Endangered Whales And Dolphins

June 7th 2012 click here

Inside-The-Beltway Ads Push For Global Polar Bear Protection

June 6th 2012 click here

Environmental Laws Under Threat On World Environment Day

June 5th 2012 click here

Communique - Summit On The Threats To Environmental Law 

June 1st 2012 click here

The Countdown Begins - Gillard Government To Destroy National Environmental Laws; Shooters And Fishers Party Will Reap Benefits

May 31st 2012 click here

Hsi Invites Retailers To Sign 'Fur Free Pledge' In An Effort To Stop Intolerable Cruelty, Fur Good!

May 25th 2012 click here

World Turtle Day - Sea Turtles Alive And Well On Kuta Beach!

May 23rd 2012 click here

Nsw Acts To Protect Hammerhead Sharks

May 23rd 2012 click here

Australian Government Continues To Ignore Growing Demand For Ethical Produce While Tasmania Bans Battery Cages And Sow Stalls

May 18th 2012 click here

Shark Advocates Join New York City Council Member Margaret Chin To Rally For State Legislation To Protect Sharks And Oceans

May 18th 2012  click here

Koala's Protected, But For How Long

April 30th 2012, click here

Environmental And Humane Groups Praise Costa Rica For Groundbreaking Proposal On The International Protection Of Hammerhead Sharks

April 26th 2012, click here

Hsi/Australia, Choose Cruelty Free And Humane Research Australia Back Global Campaign

April 23rd 2012, click here

Hsi And Lush Cosmetics Launch Global Campaign To End Cosmetic Testing On Animals

April 17th 2012, click here

Commonwealth Fast-Tracks Demolition Of National Environment Laws

April 13th 2012, click here

Canada's Cruel Seal Hunt Underway - 400,000 Seals Set To Die

April 12th 2012, click here

Second Horse Destroyed Just Two Weeks Into Jumps Racing Season

April 10th 2012, CLICK HERE

Stop Horsing Around And Ban The Whip

April 5th 2012, click here

Further Australian Sea Lion Deaths Reiterate Importance Of Fishery Management Measures

March 23th, 2012 click here

Amazon.Com Confirms New Policy To Ban Sale Of Whale And Dolphin Products

March 9th, 2012, click here

Environment, Welfare Groups Call For Ban On Flying-Fox Killing To Remain

March 7th, 2012, click here

Hsi Welcomes Measures To Protect Australian Sea Lions

March 5 2012 click here

Veterinarians Form New Group Opposing Live Export

March 1 2012, download PDF

New Alliance Calls For Unprecedented Protection For Antarctica’s Oceans

28th February 2012 click here

Australian Government Ineffective In Dealing With Live Export Trade

29th February 2012 click here

Australian Government Must Take Action To Protect Our Whales

27th February 2012 click here

Amazon.Com Removes Whale Products From Japan Website

23rd February 2012 click here

Amazon.Com Profits From Slaughter Of Whales  Internet Giant Urged To Clean House And Ban All Cetacean Products 

22nd February 2012 click here

New York Legislators Urged To Protect Sharks And Oceans - Legislation Introduced To End Cruel And Unsustainable Shark Fin Trade

22nd February 2012 – download PDF

Wa Department Of Fisheries Fails To Protect Endangered Sea Lions

16th February 2012 download PDF

Concerns Over Dolphin And Sea Lion Deaths In Australian Fishery 

7th February 2012 download PDF

Hsi Statement On Further Dolphin Deaths Off South Australia

January 30 2012  click here

Hsi Urges An End To Shark Nets And The Possession And Sale Of Shark Fins

January 24 2012  click here

Underwater Legend Valerie Taylor Urges Protection Of The Coral Sea - While We Still Have Time

January 13, 2012    watch video  download pdf

Australia Must Enforce Whale Protection Laws Within Its Entire 200 Nautical Mile Exclusive Economic Zone

January 12 2012  click here

Free Range Labels Shake Consumer Confidence

January 9 2012  click here

Hsi Urges Australia To Enforce Injunction On Japanese Whaling Fleet In The Southern Ocean

January 6 2012  click here


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